5 Seconds of Summer Dirty Imagines

5 Seconds of Summer Dirty Imagines

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ally By Allena5SOS Updated May 29

Dirty 5 Seconds of Summer imagines because this whole fandom is horny as fuck.

I don't really care how old you are, just read if you want to. I legit have no control over you lot. I just recommend you be mature enough to read this, or 14 and up.

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Random person: is that a bird?
                              Random Person:  it's that a plane?
                              Me: no it's just my innocence
-PastelMikey- -PastelMikey- 6 days ago
Welcome to the 5sos fam where your innocence is lost forever
I keep questioning why I'm still reading this but  I still keep reading it .....Like wtf is wrong with me i swear😂😂
BurgerKing: how may I help you?
                              Me: gALLONS OF HOLY WATER PLEASE
                              BurgerKing: smut huh?
the door isnt the only thing thats gonna be making loud banging noises ;o
Touch my hody, put me on the floor😂 ( I put hody there on purpose)