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Kiana (Kiki) By kikiceleste_ Updated Jun 27, 2014

I heard the window roll down  

"You know. It's not very safe to be walking out at this time of night."  
A voice said. I looked over at the car, it was a black roofless jeep.  

I was surprised when I looked inside to see who was speaking.     
The guy from the beach shack.    

"I don't mean to freak you out or anything, but there are coyotes and raccoons and who knows what else in these woods so.." 

He said giving me a slight smirk.     

"I don't know you! How do I know that you're not just some perverted guy who's going to kidnap me and then hack me into pieces."

 I said crossing my arms.     

He bit his lip and looked ahead out the windshield.     

"Well that's true you don't know that. 

But I can insure you that once the sun goes down it's going to be a nightmare trying to get back.    

I'll do this. I'll bet you five bucks that I'm not some creep who is going to kidnap you and hack you up."                                                                                   

I looked both ways and approached his car.   "I swear." 

I said, he laughed and leaned across the passenger seat to unlock the door. I climbed in and shut it."         

When Claire Henderson and her family move across town to a newer more upscale place, Claire finds herself meeting a guy named Chase, who's life is a little bit too much like her own. While their tormented by the high expectations their parents have of them. 

They learn that there's more to their lives than meeting parental expectations.    

So follow along with Claire and Chase as the two of them find that the meaning of life, includes finding true love and learning to take control of their own lives.       

 Cover created: by kikiceleste_   Rated PG-13: Strong language, slight sexual situation

  • drama
  • fiction
  • love
  • pg-13
  • teen
rossie258 rossie258 Jul 08, 2015
All parents say that... But let's be honest 'we' try to start over but the past just overtakes it
AlexaPorcaro AlexaPorcaro Jul 07, 2015
Can you read my story? Btw your book is really good keep writing. I wanna know what her high school will be like