The Bad Boy and Me

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Dark0Princess By Dark0Princess Updated 2 years ago
It all started one night while I was waiting for the bus to come, the night I met the dark, menacing, down right mean Sergio Wilas. The night I, Cairra Murrey would remember for the rest of my life.
This is so cool! Love the humor and the cover, good dialogue and flow too :)
I love how tough she acted yet still had the thoughts of a 'nerd'
Great story so far! I hate being slashed while waiting at the bus stop. It's like "Im standing in the rain and you are dry in your car and you cant possibly go around?"
It's a good plot. But watch out because you keep jumping tenses. There were quite a few grammar mistakes. It became choppy to me and was hard to follow. Other than that good job
Gotta say I didn't see any mistakes and I actually enjoyed this.. However I kind of noticed a lackof emotion and voice to this. Just didn't feel personal. Oher than that was a good read.
The thing I like about your story is how unique it really is, your plot is different and "out there." Your characters are vastly unique and you've made a compelling story so far and I'm going to read on !