Terminator Verses The Matrix.

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I know which of these films is the best- do you? Read on....
Terminator. I grew up with that movie.he's my babe and can't wait till the fifth one comes out in 2015
Both Matrix and Terminator started out strong and got weaker after the second movie. Matrix is cooler, I think.
I love the matrix I grow up watching the matrix movies I can't wait for the matrix 4 .
I love both! I suppose I agree with you up to a point, but i do think that The Matrix offers some much more thoughtful points than Terminator, where it's just basically Arnie showing off metal muscle. I still love both though. Can't decide!
@AlexisSims Hmmm... I guess that sounds about right, I'm still hoping they make Ghost Busters 3 at some point though lol :p
I have not seen past T2.... I guess I should check out the rest of the series, too bad they aren't on netflix lol