SIARWAG SEASON 2: Secretly Living with My Husband (COMPLETED)

SIARWAG SEASON 2: Secretly Living with My Husband (COMPLETED)

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Angel F. By Sujuanjell Completed

They began in a secret relationship. Went through many trials and fight together because they love each other. Their friends witnessed their undying love, and so do God. They secretly married because of those people who keeps on trying to tear them apart, but just because of the accident that has happened, everything turns in a different way. They thought everything will reverse out all right and they probably could begin the new chapter of their lifespan as a family. 

What will happen to them? Will there be a second chance to bring back their relationship if she could no longer remember... her memories with him?

Angel's Note: Ngumuya na ng chewing gum at i-practice ang panga dahil panigurado DAW na sasakit ito sa kakatawa. Brace yourself before you start reading this story. Make sure that you are not suffering from any heart failure because you might just have a heart attack from laughing too much. Thank you.
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March 2014
Book Cover: Raizah Mendoza

Masungit ang Husband mo..... haist bakit ka ba kasi nag ka Amnesia eh
like to read the story so plzzz english version of it..............
Please...... Pakibalik po...... Bata pa po yung ibang readers kaya di pa pinapayagan makabili ng libro kaya please pakibalik!!!!
azumitena azumitena Sep 30
Asan na ung huling part nito.... tagal na update wala pa kasunod...
DncMndz3 DncMndz3 Nov 08
Buti nalang binasa ko yung unang page hahahahah baka mukha na aking tanga dito kasi mauuna ko tong 2 😂
wla po bng nacut dto??  .pra aware aqu huhuhu sa season 1kc my nacut na story d q tuloy alam nangyari.