with one click my life totally changed - (SPY school + 3 future agents that love me = HELP!!)

with one click my life totally changed - (SPY school + 3 future agents that love me = HELP!!)

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laurenS By laurenS Updated Dec 21, 2009

Chapter 1: 

I am a normal girl, well scratch that, I WAS a normal girl.

Before all this madness, I was your typical teenage girl, you know, the type who hates authority. I hate my dad more than anybody else (not that I have a lot of people where to choose from) He is always ordering me around. (When he is around) I go to high school, and fail most of my classes. 

Your usual "trouble girl". (Yep, that includes getting drunk, but I wish to mention that I have never touched a drug) 

'Scout promise' (not that I'm a scout, or that I remembered most of the times I have gotten wasted).

Yeah I call THAT normal, and all this went down the toilet just a few months ago, and believe it or not it all started from a webpage. You are probably trying to guess what the hell I'm talking about.

Well let's start from the beginning, which was 6 years ago... (Totally cliché I know)

October 3rd, 2003

"I HATE YOU DAD!!! How can you do this to me?!!!"  

"Stop it Jade! You're not a baby anymore. Do wha...

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xjustatinysparkx xjustatinysparkx May 07, 2010
lol awesome
                              what was the websites name btw?
                              *chuckles at her stupid joke*
kaback kaback Dec 20, 2009
wow this is so good;) oh and the flash back in the middle of the history review was awesome writing skills.(well i thought so anyway)
livelaughandlovelots livelaughandlovelots Dec 06, 2009
omg i have no idea y but i almost cried reading this but i cry a lot so it dosent make that much a differnce i am such a wimp hahaha but it is a really good story i like it so far
iridescence iridescence Nov 02, 2009
same here avante
                              ive never really seen this type before
laurenS laurenS Sep 20, 2009
thnks for your comment, I already uploadthe 2nd one
                              hope u lke it
Avante Avante Sep 20, 2009
this is really good! It's a story line that i actually haven't seen on here before!!! Please update soon cuz i want to know what the story with her name as the title is!!! 
                              P.S. watch the run on sentences, but other than that it's awesome