Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt

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Mimco256 By Mimco256 Updated Nov 10

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"I'm a wolf...I hunger for you in ways I didn't think imaginable. This obsession is eating me alive. I feel this hunger no matter what I do and I'm starved. It's insatiable and only you can quench it."

Every full moon it's the same. It's the time of the Wild Hunt, when the wolves disappear into the night, tracking the prey, a deer or stag. Some are easier to catch than the rest, but the prime prey, is the Golden Stag, the one that evades them every time.

Most girls don't make it past fifteen. They are caught and taken as a mate before they learn how to survive the great hunt. The longer a girl survives, the more appealing she becomes. She begins as a deer, fresh and unaware...vulnerable. If she lasts three moons, she becomes a stag, the more respected prey and the more skilled...worth hunting. The one who has survived the longest is crowned the Golden Stag.

Every Alpha male; the strongest, quickest, boldest, track the scent of the Golden Stag. It is different from that of the others, intoxicating...tempting. To bring down the Golden Stag is a mark of skill and authority, well worth the time spent pursuing it. 

The Wild Hunt.

It makes me feel alive and dead, free and caged, broken and whole.
I am the Golden Stag.
Catch me if you can.

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riverad_29 riverad_29 Nov 12
Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the ginger bread man. 🎶
joanakoci93 joanakoci93 Nov 09
So...she is a stag...like...a stag stag? How does that work...? I mean...a wolf and a stag?
This book is SO AMAZINGLY TERRIFIC and it's literally THE FIRST CHAPTER
s-m-b-n s-m-b-n Nov 29
Beautiful and vivid. This writer has a way with words. I can practically feel the narrator's connection with nature
This is a really great start reading it from the beginning again
The description just got me there! I had to open the book. Imma so excited 😂