An Arrow to the Heart (male!Rivals X Reader)

An Arrow to the Heart (male!Rivals X Reader)

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°•.*• Yandere Life •*.•° By CrazyYandereGirl Updated Jun 02, 2018

[New Rewritten Version of "Loyal Alike"]

❝ Why can't I choose one already?! I always said to choose the one that made you laugh and feel better in general, but they all make me feel like that! Who do I choose?! I have to choose one in three months... How am I going to do it? ❞


(Name) Hasuki was a fairly strange girl. She had the general impression of an emotionless, empty girl that was quiet in class yet had good grades. She ignored boys for the most of her life, until she had met Taro Yamada.

She had confessed to him under the Sakira tree that was in the back of the school, believing the myth about the tree. Though she later found that the myth wasn't true. As she was feeling a large sense of sadness, a hand rested against her shoulder.

Never would have she guessed that this would be the start of an emotional rollercoaster. Through pain and heart ache, it would be worth it when she finally chose one through the ten she had fallen for and confessed.

Even more so when they accepted it.