Stuck With Harry Styles

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Best friend since the 1st grade and now mortal enemies. Dani went from being able to take a bullet for him to wanting to be the one pulling the trigger.  And Harry went from a sweet school boy into a jerk with a leather jacket.  Doesn't matter if Dani wants to see him again, she's going to.  But will she be able to handle it?  And will Harry be able to gain her once thought perpetual trust in him or is he forever shot to the corner?  All that matters but what about her unexpected relationship with a certain friend of his?  All of this really is confusing, but in this story Dani's life is told as she goes through it and you'll be here to read it all.  What happens next?  After she's Stuck with Harry Styles?
    Hi! I'm Gaby and I'll be editing the story. Thank youuuuu :)
They went from this to singing bout boners, I am a proud of my children
Drake, Nicki Manaj (I think thats how its spelled), TORI KELLY, Ed sheeran, Taylor swift, and SHAWN MENDES
Prime example why I feel threatened by directioners 1 wrong move and they will squad up on you and snap you neck
Am I the only one that started laughing like a crazy person while saying ' BISH say it again and get cut'...??? Am I???
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For all you people saying she hated them for no reason hahahaha in your one direction loving face