Contractual Obligations: Closing The Deal *B2*

Contractual Obligations: Closing The Deal *B2*

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Xx❤❤xX By AKattanX0X Completed

Michael's world is turned upside down when his father is charged with tax evasion. With the company assets frozen, money is scarce. Asking Natalie to stick by his side and ride out the trial, can he convince it will be her time in the end?                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Natalie may risk everything staying by Michael's side. She signed a contract, but there just may be a loophole now that the money has run dry. Standing by Michael might hurt her reputation and career, but growing feelings have her torn.                                                               

When there forced to look at there arrangements, tables get turned.                                            

Copyright © 2014 AKattanX0X

superkali superkali May 04, 2016
loved the first book and im positive i will love this one too..and it says hi my friends do you eat apples or are you eating an apple..its kinda grammatically incorrect  so you could mean one or the other
Thobilemiya Thobilemiya May 07, 2016
My my God  I never thought it will turn like this  .the big question  is she going to leave him?what  was written  in a contract
AlessiaBPowerZ AlessiaBPowerZ Jun 21, 2016
Hola! Tú libro es muy interesante! La manzana es verde. ¿No?
chevypage59 chevypage59 Mar 05, 2016
🙀👏👏👏As I said great xx very different ! Thankyou xxb
-Lovetoread- -Lovetoread- Apr 16, 2015
re reading g again within 2 days...
                              god I a. indeed with this book
Zeera1999 Zeera1999 Feb 19, 2014
And I only know what the first line says: hi my friends. But i am not sure about the second one is it: how are you or how are you doing??