Devilish Cat

Devilish Cat

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Codename J By Darkstar5 Updated Apr 04, 2016

❝Wicked man why do you melt at the sight of her?❞

One rainy day she stumbles against a small cardboard box where an injured kitten melts her heart into a puddle.
She decides to take this kitten to her home where she unexpectedly finds out the cat is just more than a cute animal.

 In her kitten's place is a built slim man, and this man is raging with a strong desire to claim her as his own.

that's it. i'm picking up every stray kitten i find from now on.
aemjohnson aemjohnson Jun 28, 2016
Can't believe a sexy grown man is a KITTEN! Like tf 😂😂
13thFeb_2014 13thFeb_2014 Aug 26, 2015
Awwww! The cat is kissing her. Even though i hate 'cats' but not one that can transform into a sexy man ;)
JdLim_Lhing JdLim_Lhing Nov 05, 2014
@Darkstar5 please update soon. T3T Your book is awesome. you really enjoyed leaving us wanting for more!  How could you!!!?
supergalaxygirl supergalaxygirl Oct 26, 2014
I love these types of story's do you know any others with animals that turn to humans?
Darkstar5 Darkstar5 Oct 06, 2014
@Sasunaru27 thanks Lisa I'm happy you like it because it's for you