The Witch's Uprising: Part One | ✓

The Witch's Uprising: Part One | ✓

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Curtis Teichert By CurtisWritesBooks Completed

Aurelia thinks her days as a warrior are over until she witnesses a shapeshifter kidnapping a baby. Harlowe dreams of becoming a knight, but a Witch Queen shows her a different path. Bryar seeks the power to avenge the death of a loved one, no matter the cost.

Cover Art (digital painting) by Lorenna Lammer

***PART ONE is complete! See the Author's Note for details.
**Mild violence and descriptions of violence.
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catfabing catfabing Apr 15
"Design" seems strange here, I would have went with "stitching."
ticitici124 ticitici124 Jan 12
The shape-shifer would be like: I don’t die, but when I do, I don’t. Why are you so suprised, girl? I am a bad guy! It takes nine books ((well this series has nine books so )) to kill me! 😂👌🏻 I always make fun from stories what I like, I don’t mean any offense
EvelynMLewis EvelynMLewis Dec 18, 2017
Finally got around to actually reading this
                              What does "almost perfectly surrounded" mean?
Huge clapping hands, I seriously love this first chapter, I am already glued to the edge of my seat on what is going to happen next I love all the characters and how they act with each other you are awesome girl keep it up