The Witch's Uprising: Part One | ✓

The Witch's Uprising: Part One | ✓

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Curtis Teichert By CurtisWritesBooks Completed

Aurelia thinks her days as a warrior were over until a shapeshifter kidnaps a child. Fearing for the child's life and the return of a great evil, Aurelia rides across the realm of Brylennia to save her.

On the Stone Coast, Harlowe dreams of becoming a knight, but leaving her home could cost her everything she loves. A visit from the Witch Queen's servants leaves her with questions about her own abilities, destiny, and desires.

Bryar, a teenage boy and member of a traveling acting troupe, must develop every skill he can to avenge the death of a loved one. As he unfolds the world around him, he begins to understand what power is necessary for his revenge.

As swords clash and darkness rises, Aurelia, Bryar, and Harlowe must survive and prevail through the chaos of their own adventures, but the threads of each of their stories are part of a greater tapestry.

Cover Art (digital painting) by Lorenna Lammer

***PART ONE is complete! See the Author's Note for details.
**Mild violence and descriptions of violence.
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catfabing catfabing Apr 15
"Design" seems strange here, I would have went with "stitching."
ticitici124 ticitici124 Jan 12
The shape-shifer would be like: I don’t die, but when I do, I don’t. Why are you so suprised, girl? I am a bad guy! It takes nine books ((well this series has nine books so )) to kill me! 😂👌🏻 I always make fun from stories what I like, I don’t mean any offense
EvelynMLewis EvelynMLewis Dec 18, 2017
Finally got around to actually reading this
                              What does "almost perfectly surrounded" mean?
SarahTaylor469 SarahTaylor469 a day ago
Huge clapping hands, I seriously love this first chapter, I am already glued to the edge of my seat on what is going to happen next I love all the characters and how they act with each other you are awesome girl keep it up