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Supernatural High (MANXBOY) (Book 1)

Supernatural High (MANXBOY) (Book 1)

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Samantha By sami1303 Completed

Aidan is a 14 year old boy who lost his parents at a young age and lives with his two twin cousins. He's an odd guy. He doesn't have any friends, he is horrible in school, and he has never ONCE dated anybody. Some might say he's hopeless, like the kids in his school did. Then suddenly he receives a letter, asking him to join a "new", and very high class, high school. There was nothing really super fishy about this letter, so Aidan accepted. 
Little did he know that he had just accepted to go to a school full of vampires and werewolves of all ages.   Then he meets six men, Brandon, Vance, Nick, Red, Dylan, and the Alpha, Ethan. These men claim to have "taken him in". Oh! And Ethan just so happens to be his mate!  MANXBOY/GAY/ MPREG AT THE END

(Under light construction)

At least getting attacked is better than getting Prego. Because if you get pregnant YOU DIE.
Apparently he's too exited to share their secret. 
                              And your way too quick on giving out the story.
CuriousWhoops CuriousWhoops Sep 18, 2016
Is this meant to mean 3rd person pov? Really trying not to be rude, just checking
yaoiqueen-1 yaoiqueen-1 Dec 15, 2016
I love when people with blonde hair have eyes that aren't blue. I like the contrast: light hair, dark eyes or dark hair and light eyes. Idk I'm weird.
Forever_JuNgShOoK Forever_JuNgShOoK Sep 13, 2016
This is my second time reading^^ 
                              Random person: nobody cares!! -_-
VirgoM08 VirgoM08 Jan 11
This is similar to a manga I've read except it was a vampire school. Vampire and human yaoi 😉😉