Cat's Paw

Cat's Paw

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SciFiCafe By SciFiCafe Updated Nov 07, 2017

Pietra Kamen is not a killer by nature. She becomes one by design.

With the nip of a neck -- everything changes.

The 'incident' is the perfect opportunity to mold the rare unpolished diamond Pietra is. The Administrator and Margo Bancroft can see the depth of her potential.

With the offer accepted, The Electi becomes Pietra's family, making her life no longer hers.

Pietra is conditioned to become the weapon needed in the field.

So with a death on her hands, why would Pietra not keep soaking in the blood?

The problem is life is not a fixed path, and there can always be another choice, but once you join The Electi it is only through death can you separate.

So when Catraz Iretrova reappears, Pietra finds she is about to run straight back into her past.

Can Pietra get out of the way or will she have to run straight through, hoping to come out on the other side...alive? 

Is there another choice?

Who knows? 

So follow Pietra to find out, because everything is about to change and like always, nothing....

Special thanks - Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash