Tony Stark's Only Child

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Nessie By xLokiLover69x Updated a year ago
Alexandra Katherine Stark is the only daughter of the famous Ironman and Pepper Potts. She is kidnapped and tested with animal DNA. She and her cellmate escaped but tragedy strikes. Alex becomes a mute with slowly developing powers and now Fury wants her to find the person that killed her 1st love but first, she has to not kill the twins. (GirlxGirl scenes, don't like don't read) [Update 18 Oct 2013: I might have to put this on hold till further notice, sorry and please forgive me]
I can imagine her in that dress and she would look awesome in it!!!! I hate snobs too!!!! Go #TeamIHateSnobs
well, you could make it more appropriate for kids like me by removing the f word. Hope I could help!!
I love it, but I think the language could be changed. :) I always thought Tony and Pepper would have a little boy, you know, to carry on the Stark name. But I can imagine Tony all proud over his sweet little baby girl, too. Great job!
Aw! I freakin' love Tony! The only complaint I have about this chapter is that the majority of it was clothing description. :( I want more! Pwease? When you can can you send me these chapters with copy/paste on PM so I can edit them? Thanks!
Awww! I have high hopes for this! :3 But I agree, you do need an editor. I'm not an editor, but I could edit this chapter for you if you want? Other than that it was really cute and funny! Keep it up! *looks for possible covers*