The Nurse

The Nurse

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Sarah Jane By CamoJane Updated Sep 24

With war raging all around, some battles can't be won...


The year was 1916, Elosie Keller was dwelling in a secluded Belgian cottage where she remained hidden away from the world until the day he fell from the sky...

Drawn to the carnage of a fallen plane, she finds more than rubble when she notices that the pilot is still alive. She knows without medical treatment that the man is fated to die. Acting in a haste, she pulls the man from his destined coffin in hopes to help him live. 

Eloise soon finds herself tending a German patient in her hidden home and realizes he isn't the monster the world made him out to be; instead, she begins to see much more than an officer, but a man with a heart just trying to survive a war. 

When she is finally discovered by the Germans, she is called upon to become a field nurse for the men on the western front--only to fall into a whirlwind of unfortunate events that she must learn how to survive.

Follow Eloise as she takes on the battle of being a wartime nurse in a man's world, fighting the one enemy that could never be conquered-love...

*This is a work of fiction. Any names, dates, or events are completely coincidental.  
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