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Goodbye » n.h.

Goodbye » n.h.

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Sammi By fivesuave Completed

Each year on Valentine's Day, Niall Horan goes on Twitter and follows all of the girls who trend #foreveralone. He figures that since he's still single, he can be the boyfriend of hundreds of girls out there and make their day better.
But on one Valentine's Day, one account in particular catches his eye: @ForeverAlone13.


Desirah Thompson is very popular on Twitter. Her over 1 million followers prove it. Her advice on friends, family, and love touches people everywhere. If only it could be said the same for real life.
Desirah goes to Madame Quinn's Advanced Academy For Gifted Girls. In other words, she needs "help". Other girls bully her, and she has a terribly ugly face. But worst of all, she's alone for Valentine's Day.
But everything changes for her when Niall Horan follows her on Twitter.


What happens when Niall requests to meet Desirah? Will she show her "ugly" face to him? Will Niall be able to show Desirah her true beauty? Will this all turn into something more? Or will one of them say goodbye?

XxLegandxX XxLegandxX Jun 20, 2016
How DARE you go there. Alright I love you and all Niall and I'm a total Niall girl , and I may go over the board but ILL KILL YOU 😐🔫🔪🔫
tommofxcksstyles tommofxcksstyles Mar 16, 2016
If that was the case almost all the girls in this world would get sent
rrs1489lovesNiall1D rrs1489lovesNiall1D Apr 30, 2016
Whoa, I didn't know iPod's had cameras. I should figure that out.
rrs1489lovesNiall1D rrs1489lovesNiall1D Apr 30, 2016
This girl sounds cool not because a lot of people follow her, but because she's reaching out to people even when she feels alone.
rrs1489lovesNiall1D rrs1489lovesNiall1D Apr 30, 2016
Man, I miss all these 1D couples. :( I can't believe they all broke up in the same year.
rrs1489lovesNiall1D rrs1489lovesNiall1D Apr 30, 2016
Well, he has had girlfriends since he's been famous, but I guess in this story he hasn't.