creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

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Kyle By Kyle_Howlter Completed

Hey peeps.
I hope you enjoy reading my Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios.
When I started writing this my English was horrible. English is not my first language so please don't correct me. I already know I wrote many things wrong.

The amazing cover was drawn by my friend. 
His Deviantart is: EyelessjackXD

Have fun!


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SyvRune SyvRune Jun 23
Damn this is happening a lot all author chans your spelling "you look like a potato" wrong
Moabie Moabie Jul 06
Real life me: WHAT HE DID A PUN!?!? 
                              One of multiple versions of creepypasta me : what?
Soo he broke into my house and I ask him if he’s okay when he tripped?? Not only that but I didn’t do anything when he left?!? THERES SOMETHING CALLED 9-1-1
Wait if he eating my food some ones gonna die...All I'm saying
'there's something about you' 
                              Keep scrolling
                              C'mon, almost there
                              If you're still scrolling u get a cyber cookie
                              BITCH IM FABULOUS! *fab hair flip*
SyvRune SyvRune Jun 23
Me: AWWWWWW KAWAII *faints* 
                              Jeff:Good fūcking job silver u just killed Satan 
                              Silver: *in tears* s-sorry 
                              Me:*raptor screeches*