creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

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Hey peeps.
I hope you enjoy reading my Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios.
When I started writing this my English was horrible. English is not my first language so please don't correct me. I already know I wrote many things wrong.

The amazing cover was drawn by my friend. 
His Deviantart is: EyelessjackXD

Have fun!


You shall die...
                              No one eats my food but me!!
                              PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!
mrdude1125 mrdude1125 Oct 23
Me: *sits down*
                              Me: *thinks very hard*
                              Me: *looks out into distance meaningfully*
                              Me: I can make cheesecake?
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat the Whaaaaaat?!!
                              What the HELL just happened!?!?
                              I must Be tired, good night....
CJcountdown CJcountdown Jun 05
yes, jack. I am well aware that I'm hot as all hell you do not need to remind me
Godess679 Godess679 Jul 17
I can feel Jeffs pain has been through a lot.......
                              Of dick XD
PFF! To pretty! Please!
                              I'm amazing, thank you very much!
                              And I have one thing to say to you,foolish creature...