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Falling For That Sexist A**hole

Falling For That Sexist A**hole

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Sienna By 0o0kissmykick0o0 Updated Aug 19, 2012

Kristi-Louanne is the pretty, sweet, self giving type of girl who can only be herself in her room which is a geeky, anime watching, manga reading type of self. Her parents died when she was 12 years old and now she's in the foster care system. When her current foster mom makes the sudden descicion to foster another kid, Kristi doesn't know what to think. Especially since she's going to be sharing her bedroom with the stranger.

Jaydon Styles is a foul mouthed, heavy metal loving, rude, sexist asshole who is suddenly taken into a house where there are only girls. When he meets Kristi-Louanne he's atomatically attracted to her. His past is heavy and he doesn't really understand how to love. So he indebts her and takes her as his "toy". Making her do various things, good or bad. Even things that make her heart beat faster and plays with her emotions.

It turns out Jaydon has specific reason's for being a sexist a**hole. Can Kristi-Louanne learn just in time what those reason's are? Before it's too late? Why am I asking question's? Think about it while you read U.U

With Kristi doing things she's never dreamed of doing with this asshole she can't help but be attracted to him. 

In the meantime, she's too shy to tell him and he's to confused to know that they both love eachother.

By 0o0kissmykick0o0 :D

ShadowWolf629 ShadowWolf629 Sep 23, 2014
please update, I feel u have given up on it considering it has been 2 years.... but please continue if u can
Elizabeth-Diamandis Elizabeth-Diamandis Jun 11, 2012
oh and btw perfect song choice! Sleeping With Sirens- Do It Now Rember It Later my favorite song of theirs <33333
Elizabeth-Diamandis Elizabeth-Diamandis Jun 11, 2012
lmfao b!tch you were put into an all girls Foster Home. <3 I love this!
INidalee INidalee May 10, 2012
Thanks for the dedication! :) And I really like your story. I can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens!