Exiled - Book 1 in the Immortal Essence Series

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RaShelle Workman By RaShelle Completed
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    An alien princess exiled to Earth. 
    An arrogant boy. 
    One week to get back to her planet or she'll die. 
    And, her only chance for survival? She must help the boy find his soul mate. 
    Piece of cake! 
    It was as though he’d struck a match. Zaren placed a hand under her arm and moved his lips, gently grazing his teeth against her skin. Slowly, he moved up her inner arm until he reached the crease at her elbow. Her body shuddered. As he moved, with each touch, like kindling, the fire in her body grew stronger with need. Venus wanted to sit up and touch him, but he had his other arm across her body, holding her in place, stroking her face, her hair. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, thought she’d burst with pleasure. 
    He stopped, his eyes raking hers. 
    Venus sat up, grasping his shoulders and then moved her hands down his arms. 
    “Princess.” The word came out ragged with hunger, need.
    Aliens. Aliens. Aliens are real. But, that was it. No panic. No fear. Zip! “Okay?”
    “My division, we’re Alien Life Trackers, and little green men don’t exist. At least I’ve never seen them. What I have seen are creatures that look like you and me. Except they aren’t anything like us. We’ve been tracking one for many years. The thing can run fast—like lightning. It’s strong. We’ve shot it with different types of guns, tried to burn it, cut it, you name it. So far, we haven’t found a way to kill it, haven’t even put a scratch on the alien. Every kind of weapon we’ve used has been useless. It mocks us, knows nothing on our planet can harm it.”
N/a    means not available.  The book was probs tooken down or some sort. Idk. Just assuming.
so...is this book published and taken down or something? if so, a heads up would've been great. unless there was and i didn't see it..lol
Kidding, way to get out hopes up for nothing.  now I actually have to buy it. Ugh. Excited nonetheless
Wow, great book so far! The lack of words really adds to the mystery if it! 
I was getting ready to read this book and next minute there are no words!!!!
I guess some get some get too full of themselves,  only the cover pages and publisher info and no explanation of why pulled even though giving personal license on my list of Authors not to bother with