Talk Juicy To Me

Talk Juicy To Me

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Skye By hothatsweethis Completed

When Oliver Thomas calls his best friend to tell him about the best lay of his life, he doesn't expect a girl to answer it. Much less the girl who was the best lay of his life. 


"Holy shit. Where the hell were you dude? I've been trying to call you since morning." 


"It doesn't bloody matter. Caleb, I, Oliver Thomas had the best fucking lay of my life last night." 



"I'm glad you think I was good." 



#2 in Short Story 
#1 in Call 
#2 in the Dialogue Series

 • This story comes packed with a lot of innuendos, sarcastic girl remarks and a protagonists who seems absolutely delectable and probably tops the chart alongside Channing Tatum
*you have been warned