My Clumsy Valentine

My Clumsy Valentine

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"A rose for the lady," a voice said.                              

I looked up to see hazel eyes looking down at me. A smirk plastered on that very familiar face.                                      

Callum Ross.                                     

My jaw dropped and every person in this room gasped. I composed myself and looked back down to his hand.                                 

He was holding a single rose.  "Alright," I said, "who paid you?"             


The File is something Callum Ross takes up as a game. The File has the names of the girls he has already slept with and how long Callum has took to make them fall in love with him. It was all just a game to him.  Well, he is known as the playboy and heartthrob of their school.                                                   

What if his best friend challenges him to target Felicity Lane? And who is Callum to decline this very "challenging" challenge?                                                          

Felicity Lane. She is the typical nerd of the school. Also known and bullied for her baggy clothes, thick glasses and best of all, her clumsiness.                                                        

With Valentine's Day coming up, she watches her best friend, Quinn, get bouquets of flowers and tons of gifts. Of course, along with that she also hears all the profanities screamed at her for being "too ugly for valentine's".                                                              

Felicity didn't care. She hated Valentine's Day.                                                           

But what happens if the hottest boy is school, Callum Ross, gives her a single rose?                                   

*as cliché and predictable as it can get*                                             

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~~Fabulous cover made by @foreveryoung_09~~

Started: February 15, 2014     
End: March 5, 2015

latenightatdawn latenightatdawn Apr 21, 2017
So he'll definitely never go for girls like you... Good to know.
lynxkitten65 lynxkitten65 Dec 23, 2017
Not in that order, I hope.
                              And this ain't cool either, bruh.
AngelitaLee9 AngelitaLee9 Jul 03, 2017
i love wearing baggy clothes like sweaters THEY ARE COMFORTABLE its like im a burrito ready to be rolled with my phone
Inked_Hearts Inked_Hearts Jul 19, 2017
I don't like him
                              He took that girl's virginity because of a challenge
                              And now this
HHOPE12345 HHOPE12345 Dec 27, 2016
His gonna be eating his words when he gets to know the real girl behind the so called Nerd she's been labelled as
AvrilTolentino AvrilTolentino Oct 04, 2016
She'll find out then get heartbroken. He'll soon realize he loves her. Eh...