Reader X Ḁ̸̌̐͜N̶̮̜̖͙̗̝̄͑͑͋T̶͎̹̺̭̀̒̈́̃̋͐I̷̥̺̺͕̪͌̃͗̉͘

Reader X Ḁ̸̌̐͜N̶̮̜̖͙̗̝̄͑͑͋T̶͎̹̺̭̀̒̈́̃̋͐I̷̥̺̺͕̪͌̃͗̉͘

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I loved you.... By Horroryas Updated Jan 29



Original title: Reader X Ḁ̸̌̐͜N̶̮̜̖͙̗̝̄͑͑͋T̶͎̹̺̭̀̒̈́̃̋͐I̷̥̺̺͕̪͌̃͗̉͘

Why don't you let Antisepticeye be your ruler for a.... eternity?

Kidnapped from your own birthday.

Your kidnapper's mystery talk gives you the chills.

He's crazy with many disorders...

He has killed your boyfriend...

But worst of all...

He's Antisepticeye. 


I also have a Darkiplier fanfiction that I will be updating more often than this book - but hey! You're here for Jacksepticeye's dark side, Antisepticeye. Read, and hope I update faster than I already am!

Highest rate in fanfiction #675

(Best read during night)

~ This book is 100% original and I did not copy anyone - I can assure you that. 

However - if you do spot a story VERY similar to mine, can you please tell me?

Also, if there is a book similar to this and was published before this one ~ I am truly sorry ~ But I did not copy the book. We just could've had the same thought.


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