A Curious Twist Of Fate (Noctis x Reader)

A Curious Twist Of Fate (Noctis x Reader)

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A Girl is loved.
A Priestess is robbed.
A Prince with responsibility.
Stuck in a dilemma of which of them is a necessity.


*This ties with Ffxv plot. Spoilers included.

*This is a Prince Noctis and King Noctis' love story.

*Prince Noctis x Innocent Female Reader.
(Sorry, this was because I'm not very familiar of the English slangs and cuss words that won't sound cringe when written to use on sarcastic and feisty types)

*Mature Chapters will have age-limit on title.

*I'm not a native-speaker so I'm apologizing in advance for the simplicity of the writing style.


Ffxv is owned and credit goes solely to Square Enix and it's affiliates. The same applies to images used, credits to their owners. This is just a Fan-Fiction.

Thank you for 20k reads and 500+ votes. I appreciate you all nice readers.

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-started November 2017 
-finished February 2018

-Re-written in February 2019
-Finished in June 2019