My Cunning Lover

My Cunning Lover

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Mary-lynn Ekwealor By Mary-LynnKE Updated Sep 28, 2018


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" I challenge you to a duel." I said firmly holding my sword.

" A duel?" he chuckled "Are you doubting my abilities princess?" he questioned from behind.

" Scared of a little challenge Milord?" I accused with a smirk on my face.

" Certainly not. And what happens when you lose ?" he asks. His voice is closer and the warmth from his body radiates through my dress.

" I will give you what you want." I replied

Harlan presses himself closer to me his voice husky and seductive "I want you." I shiver as I felt my back against his wide chest and rock hard body.

"And if you lose?" I asked turning to face him.
He gave me a sinister smile that sent a chill to my bones as he replied " I never lose."


She was a fiery feisty woman. She was a cunning fox and I was a dangerous vampire. She was the only woman who did not find me interesting but I was very interested. To her I was a nuisance but I wanted her.

No I craved her.

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