Melting His Heart

Melting His Heart

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"I want to go away." I say raising my voice for the first time since I've been here. 

The back of his hand collides with my cheek throwing me to the floor. 
He growls and I cower before him. 

"Why are you so mean to me! I am your mate!" I desperately shout.

He chuckles darkly as he walks to me slowly. 

"All you have done is act like a monster." I shout crawling away from him.

"I am a monster just like you are my dear." A wicked smirk is plastered on his face. 

My coal black eyes widen as I shake my head looking into his Icy blue eyes. "No I am not a monster." I whisper.

"You are a monster, a pathetic monster but still a monster." He states calmly as he kicks at my feet. 

I look up at him "Why? Why are you like this. "

"Runt, I am a king of beast. King of dragons and you wonder why I am cold? My very power is ice." 

He grabs hold of my shoulders and lifts me up as his face nears mine. 

"And I am going to enjoy freezing your heart."