Something Blurry

Something Blurry

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JenChuLiChaeng🖤💗 By Jisoo_sChicken Updated Aug 16, 2018

Czarina Rhinese Guevarra is a woman of everything. She's versatile in every way but a child at heart. Only girl ng pamilya Guevarra at bunso ng kanyang only kuya. She's not the typical rich girl na maarte instead she's open to try everything. At dahil nga only girl, she's the baby of the family kaya lahat ng luho nito nasusunod especially traveling. Along the way, she found her match, Glaiza Danielle Rinaldi.

        Though she has a heart of gold, she also has the reputation of a Queen Bitch. Her words are the only truth that everybody believes in Rosewood University. No one ever dared to touch her until that dawn.

        Glaiza Danielle Rinaldi, a complete opposite of Rhinese. A young secret billionaire with a dark past. Depressed and troubled, she always have her walls up never letting anyone in until one awkward day at the airport. 

          New place, new people to start a new life. Would it be all worth it to put her guards down? Is she ready for a new love?

          What if the past caught up?

          What if her new found love will turn out into a misery mystery?

          What if the Rhinese she knew is not the Rhinese that everybody knows?

          What would she do when she wakes up one day and the love of her life is nowhere to be found?

          Was she missing?

          Did she leave?


          Or is she dead?

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