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3 Years Later

3 Years Later

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swanke By swanke Completed

Forgive and forget.
Those two words that she will never do because she can't and won’t. Rebekah Mathis was overweight, nerdy, and bullied by her pack. She was 16 when she was rejected by the alpha, the player, her mate - Ashton Clark. After the rejection, she ran away and found a new pack that would accept her and love her. Three years later, she came back because of a mission, and she didn't come back as the weak girl she was before. This isn't your average rejection because she's not planning on taking him back.
Werewolf #60 | 7- 15 - 2014

NadaAndDolley NadaAndDolley Oct 31, 2016
Okay! Jesus family, give the girl a break it's her birthday for Christ's sake!
Hollyyyyy21 Hollyyyyy21 Oct 25, 2016
I SOMETIMES HAVE SNOW ON MY BIRTHDAY WOOOO so I don't have to go school but eh I never go school on my b day
ElaineAbbott ElaineAbbott Nov 16, 2016
For some reason I read " After I ate everybody in the pack" 😂
                              Carrying on now...
k3z1ah k3z1ah Oct 16, 2016
I always have my birthday during Easter break
                              SUCKERS!!! 😂
I would rather be a demon than angel. The FAKE THINGS and perfectness is so shitty and sad. No one is that perfect.
Malevolent4ever Malevolent4ever Oct 12, 2016
Someone who understands!!! Luckily this year my birthday's on Memorial Day