Wanting Mr. Cane

Wanting Mr. Cane

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Shanora Williams By ShanoraWilliams Completed

*Mature Audiences Only Please ?*

There are times I wish I hadn't met Mr. Cane.
I wish I hadn't developed a crush on him.
I wish he hadn't picked me up that one night, when my entire life seemed to spiral.

I wish I hadn't touched him.
I wish I hadn't kissed him.
I wish we hadn't made love...

He's handsome and wealthy, and has no business messing around with a girl like me - a girl half his age.

But that isn't my biggest problem.
My biggest problem is that he's my dad's best friend, and I was never supposed to fall in love with him.

** Please Note: This story is only the first 11 chapters of the full-length book. The official full-length story is on Amazon.**