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Please Remember [ERERI/RIREN]

Please Remember [ERERI/RIREN]

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Kipnotize By Kipnotize Completed

Reincarnation AU /// Around the world, many people are being reincarnated. Those who served in the Survey Corps all those years ago tend to bond in their new lives, some because they remember, some simply because they have a feeling they can trust each other. Before the titans were defeated, Eren confessed his feelings for Levi, who eagerly returned the favor. In his new life, Levi has spent almost all his free time looking for Eren, only to find that Eren doesn't remember him.                                                                            I wish that I owned Shingeki no Kyojin or its characters, especially Levi, but I don't. I only own this plot idea.

MargoReading MargoReading Dec 30, 2016
What if his was at the school cafeteria and he had the urge to bite his hand and this time the urge was to strong, but nothing happened. Two minutes later he drops a spoon and shifts to his titan form while he goes to pick it up. Ah, the dreams that I have!
Vintagerose21 Vintagerose21 Dec 06, 2016
When somebody insults me: Meh
                              When somebody insults my friend: YOU BETTER RUN BISH BECAUSE IM COMIN FOR YOU WITH A SHARP AS HECK KNIFE
This sums up everybody's life on Wattpad. We put off work or projects because we read fafics all night
Vintagerose21 Vintagerose21 Dec 06, 2016
OMG TODAY I WAS IN SCHOOL AND MY ANIME BUDDY (who is like three years younger than me) WAS LIKE
                              "THERES A GUY WITH THE SAME HAIRCUT AS LEVI!"
                              AND I WAS LIKE 
                              "I NEED TO SEE HIM!"
                              And then the bell rang and I wanted to cry. I still need to meet real Levi.
lordphantomhive100 lordphantomhive100 Nov 14, 2016
I don't want to be in the middle when Levi beats your butt so.  I'll be over here
MargoReading MargoReading Dec 30, 2016
                              It does sound like Sasuke or even Sasuke x Naruto, but it could sound like a very pissed of William T. Spears taking to Grell about his job.