*COMPLETED*What I Say? (Lauren/You)

*COMPLETED*What I Say? (Lauren/You)

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Madi🥰 By madimaraj Completed

Y/n and Lauren are dating, have been for a year. Y/n is Dinah Janes bestfriend. Management makes Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign "date" how will their lovers feel? Will  they over come their jealous? Or let it take consume them?  

You'll see ??


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trexbackup2 trexbackup2 Jun 10
girl i don’t like her either it’s okay, how you leave the group and still take the fandom name? if you wanna be gone, be gone
madimaraj madimaraj Dec 02, 2017
Always boo, Y/n is basically like me. Lmao IM ALWAYS A BOTTOM
handcraft56 handcraft56 Jun 27
I think if you ever liked her in the band you should like her now. The management made her chose between 5th harmony and her solo career she did what made her happy I'm proud of her.
Rude...how can u say that about her, u don't even know the things she has to deal with, and your saying that she's a bitch, well guess what she did what she had to do to keep herself from being miserable in the band🖕🖕
sluhttp sluhttp May 06
Nopenopenope i love my canola oil, my calculator, my camera roll, my-
everybody’s like “finally!” Lmao y’all already know Lauren’s daddy