Pissed Off (NatsuxReader Lemon)

Pissed Off (NatsuxReader Lemon)

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You and Natsu had been dating for about a year, but that didn't stop you from having huge arguments which quickly led to serious, and of course, physical fights.

But this time was different. One of you actually went and apologized. Well, you've both apologized before...it's just how you apologies that's new.

Character: You are a Water Dragon Slayer, so you growl and use Dragon Slayer magic. Plus, you can hear and smell as good as Natsu. Plus, you have temper like Natsu and will get pissed really easily.

    When bae play fights: *shows Natsu and girlfriend viciously beating each other*
    KCS1405 KCS1405 Aug 11
    HA HA HAAAA now it's proven how the girls in a relationship win the fights
    KCS1405 KCS1405 Aug 11
    red1z101 red1z101 Sep 04, 2016
                                  Natsu: huh? 
                                  Gray is my new senpai 😆
                                  Natsu: Nu! You're mine!
    AnimeLoverMai AnimeLoverMai Oct 20, 2016
    Me: Never listen to Lucy's advice
                                  Natsu: What did ya say?!
                                  Me: Gray is my Senpai
                                  Natsu: No you are mine!!! And only mine
                                  Me: huh?
                                  Natsu: Where's gray he is dead now! I will mark you before he does
                                  Me: Oh Natsu you do care
                                  Natsu: N-No
    SmolHetalian SmolHetalian Nov 25, 2016
    Sounds like me, but one question... Is Lucy jelly bc I'm better than her now? (:V)