Homestuck; The Never Ending Lives of the Demons

Homestuck; The Never Ending Lives of the Demons

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UNKNOWN By SweetINANAMI Updated Apr 26, 2012

Karkat POV;

Honk. HONK. HONK! The echoes of the dreaded honking penetrated Karkat's soul like a dagger as he sprinted down the never-ending hallways. His breathing was rapid and his legs screamed with silent agony, but he knew that he would surely be slaughtered by that homicidal clown if he dared to stop... Honk.  Gamzee was nowhere in sight, but the nubby-horned demon knew that he trailed closely behind.  The shadows etched the walls in which surrounded him and seemed to reach out, trying to consume him. What had happened to his friend? What happened to the very troll who was always there for him? ...Where did everything go wrong? 

     Questions and emotions swirled and collided in Karkat's skull as he continued to run from his end. Honk. He needed some sort of defense. And quick. He suddenly remembered about his sickle he kept in his respitblock. He ran towards his door, more excited than ever. He rushed into the room, and quickly surveyed his surroundings.

     Walking to the g...

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