The War of Transition

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Breton Janes By BretonJanes Updated 3 years ago
In a world on the verge of scientific discovery, the old ways of mysticism are no longer upheld in society. Sorcerers and magicians are persecuted in the greatest purge in history; a bloody civil war where the side with the greater numbers will emerge victorious. This is a time for alchemists and scientists, explorers and scholars. A time for rogues and assassins, political strife and corruption among kings and noblemen. A new age is over the horizon, but just who will survive this grand transition, this bloody divide, is uncertain. For when science and magic collide, no one is safe.
This is an amazing story. The suspense is enthralling - it definitely makes this a page turner, and the plot and world you've brought us in is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for more!
Chilling introduction. Love that you've branched out into a different genre :)
Great first chapter! I thought the pace on the first page was a little slow but it picked up when the riders charged in. Your descriptions are really good and I look forward to reading more of your work. =)
i wish i had your descriptive skills if i did i could write a story almost as gud as this
I love the interaction between Dryker and Vesta.
                                    Here are the errors I noticed :
                                    "..." Dryker uttered (continues) ---> End with comma. As in the speaker tags.
                                    "I understand." Vesta muttered. ---> End the speaker tags with comma, once more.
                                    Good luck.
This was extremely well written. It had me intrigued from the first line to the last. I added to my library and voted. Amazing job!