Into The Fray

Into The Fray

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Maya By HeyMrJones211 Updated Jun 03, 2012

The accident was fatal. She died. 

But he never stopped blaming himself. He had been angry, they had been fighting, he had been driving, and it was him that hadn't seen the enormous semi-truck that hit them on her side.
They think he's gone mad, hell he has gone mad, he's become cold, a calculating killer, inwardly fighting with himself and his loss of sanity.
She's all he thinks about. Her face is the face he sees on all of his victims, and her voice is the voice he hears when they beg for mercy.

At first the killing was to stop the guilt, but the guilty feelings haven't ceased and now he's killing because it gives him pleasure. 
Kyle Reed can't stop. He can't win the battle with his mind, and he just might not want to anymore as long as it bring him closer to his dead girlfriend Stephanie.

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xAnDeinerSeitex xAnDeinerSeitex Oct 02, 2012
This whole thing is so creepy, but it's so genuinely intriguing to me. Your story is very unique. It's not often that you stumble upon gems like this one, so I'm really glad I did!
HeyMrJones211 HeyMrJones211 Jun 17, 2012
@Solanova Lol thank you so much! I feel the same way about your story!
chaos_flare chaos_flare Jun 17, 2012
Seriously, How does this story not have more views??  I love it!!
Musiq4lyf Musiq4lyf Jun 17, 2012
@HeyMrJones211 The girl with the rapist story with him as the star... she said he was creepy and ugly to her. :/ LOL
Musiq4lyf Musiq4lyf Jun 17, 2012
@HeyMrJones211 Oh, I thought you REALLY thought that Cam was some weird looking creeper or something. I got so sad. He's so freaking fine XD
KissedByMyAngel KissedByMyAngel Jun 15, 2012
This is so wonderfully written and I'm in suspense! I wonder whats going to happen to the girl, and who this girl Stepanie is....great start(: