The Beast of the Damned (In revision )

The Beast of the Damned (In revision )

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Kenzie Dyer By KenzDyer Updated Dec 05, 2018

Note: I'm in the process of reworking this storyline. Everything is subject to change and this author's indecisive whims. 

For a thousand days and a thousand nights, he and his army shed the blood of the humans that thought they ruled this earth.
It has been a hundred years since the world of light fell and darkness took over. 
They call him the Beast of the Damned, but to me, he's a giant mystery. A ruthless vampire whose cold gaze seeps all the way into my bones. 
The war is finally over, yet the angels who betrayed their creator and humankind now live among us. They want their own kingdom in this new world and they also want me. 

Death is what I bring. Some say it's what I am. It doesn't matter either way because it's time for me to return to Valderanna. 
With the taste of war still running through my veins, it's going to be hard to return to a mundane life. 
I plan to stay away from her because my soul is the darkest it's ever been.  It only wants to spill red and feast on the hearts of her kind.
Everywhere I go, she's there, tormenting me with her cinnamon-spiced blood. 
She's always been my greatest temptation, but this time there is something different about her. 
This human is going to be my undoing and  I hers. 

Author note: 
~UPDATES will be Weekly: TBD
- Please note, this story has not been professionally edited. I do my best to ensure it is error free, but I am only human. *sigh*
- This is an original work with my take on Vampires.
-This is the SECOND book. Please read the first book in this series titled Blood and Honey before starting this one.

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asianshorty95 asianshorty95 Oct 17, 2017
Looking forward to this! Loved the first one. Can't wait for the second :)
KenzDyer KenzDyer Nov 20, 2017
Some people do which is totally fine . This is just my way of warning them that mine do kill humans  and don’t bat one eyelash when they do .
giftedname giftedname Oct 17, 2017
😍😍😍😍 Finally it's here...  Kinley better go after Trish and break his ice like ij their previous life..  Don't want Trish to suffer  another heartache
QueenOfAwkwardX2 QueenOfAwkwardX2 Oct 17, 2017
We don't like sparkles but we like Tristan and Kinley and their unborn child! Wait what, they so are never having children everrrr... (They so are, Tristan you know I'm right.)
illicit_limerence illicit_limerence Oct 16, 2017
Are the ice truckS 🚚 🚚 ready?! 😆😆😭😍💕🔥🔥🔥
itshardtobreath itshardtobreath Oct 17, 2017
More dead readers,grey hairs,and threats to vamps while risking my life😂😂😂lets get started