Under Her Wing: The Guardian Angel (Lesbian Story)

Under Her Wing: The Guardian Angel (Lesbian Story)

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The young 15 year old Alex never fit anywhere. She hated everyone, she despised her foster family, and she loathed herself. Constantly being abused and neglected, it wasn't until she met this young woman in her late twenties whom took her under her wing giving Alex a place to call home after going through near death experience. Alex finally felt that she belonged somewhere, with the woman who took her in and loved her as if she were her own daughter.  But Alex soon finds herself  in a life more horrific than she could possibly imagine which would cost her her freedom and even possibly her own life.

.Ranked #1 Fosterchild in  2/7/2018
.Ranked #20  Homosexuality 24/8/2018

 Adult Content Warning:  18+ only, Lesbian, sexually explicit, excessive abuse.
Warning: If you are uncomfortable reading the story, please don't read it.
Parental advisory is advised 

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