Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

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Annie By Annaleen101 Completed

You think you know my story...
You're wrong.

My name is Alexandria.
I live on the edge of a dark and beautiful forest.
Dark and beautiful like the Wolf.

Read the real and true story of love, werewolves...
And Red Riding Hood

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Oh me too! On Minecraft! Cause you know, I'm a weirdo who doesn't like to leave her house.....😐.....time to kill some sheep for dinner!! 🐏🐏↙↙ pew! pew! Go arrows!
😂😂😂 *pats her head* cute. 
                              *suddenly grabs her* Don't you dare say a word. Understand!!??!! 😈😈
😀😀😬😬😬 watch where you point that gun or you might kill someone 😐😐
Yeah, what she said. ARE YOU CRAZY??!!!!! That's how people in scary movies die. Same applies to all situations that involve dark and scary places. Someone's gonna die....😵😵
Annaleen101 Annaleen101 Jul 31, 2016
@PandafromCanada she went along with the Chief who is Alexandria's dad (the rest will be explained in the prequel I'm working on)
PandafromCanada PandafromCanada Jul 31, 2016
Why would her mother go off to hunt a wolf? That's usually the man of the family's job.