You're The Boss.

You're The Boss.

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Erica By mrblueskies Completed

"I want you to accept it, Gabriella. I want you to accept that it's me, not Jason, not anyone else, it has always been me." He sighed.

"You think I haven't already done that? I've been accepting that since I was 17, goddammit. But since you're so stubborn and cold towards me, there is really no point in me trying to win you over anymore, because nothing will work will it Michael?" I cried.

He walked over to me cautiously and whispered in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. 
"You already won me over, 10 years ago..."

weirdchild1324 weirdchild1324 Dec 06, 2016
😑😑😑 if looks through phones could kill you'd be dead🔫🔫🔪🔪💣
GabbyMacKay2 GabbyMacKay2 Dec 20, 2016
why am I so happy that from all the books I've read on Wattpad, not one of the books, other then this one, has the main character had the same first name as me, and nickname as well (and it's spelt the same haha) I'm getting way too excited about it
CantSleep_CantDream CantSleep_CantDream Jul 26, 2016
Did anybody else read this in chuck bass' voice? (Ed Westwick)
Queen_of_da_nerds Queen_of_da_nerds Nov 07, 2016
Damn but also dayyyyyyyyyyyum best boss ever,you'll never have problems with sexual harassment from him.
Gracey008 Gracey008 Nov 01, 2016
I just downloaded this app recently ,and I'm enjoying it so far and from the stories I've read so far, this one is the best I was immediately captivated and I'm only on the first chapter, your writing skills are great.
roselebee roselebee Sep 20, 2016
The minute he said more money I would have seriously thought about it and took that as a chance to get a raise at my current job. $$$