You're The Boss.

You're The Boss.

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Erica By mrblueskies Completed

"I want you to accept it, Gabriella. I want you to accept that it's me, not Jason, not anyone else, it has always been me." He sighed.

"You think I haven't already done that? I've been accepting that since I was 17, goddammit. But since you're so stubborn and cold towards me, there is really no point in me trying to win you over anymore, because nothing will work will it Michael?" I cried.

He walked over to me cautiously and whispered in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. 
"You already won me over, 10 years ago..."

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RobinPA36 RobinPA36 Jan 23
Ok this is the second time something happened too fast and came out of no where.
ElizaPapa ElizaPapa Mar 07
Very unprofessional... She should have declined his offer like a professional not like a spoiled brat...
maully maully Apr 02
That was rude but he’s true tho 🙄 I asked for a coffee, obviously I want it now or I wouldn’t ask for it, but could have find a non rude way to say it😂
lexi34 lexi34 Mar 26
Loving this story! 
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maully maully Apr 02
“Danmmmm shawty that’s how you feel” answer nïggas nowadays
maully maully Apr 02
She sounds like she’s either jealous of all the woman that get you touch his body or he broke her heart