Don't Jump (ON HOLD)

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MaydayParade16 By MaydayParade16 Updated 3 years ago
"Don't do it!" I yelled "Don't move!"
    "Why?!" The boy yelled back at me. "Life isn't worth living anymore!"
    "It may seem like it" I said "But if life wasn't worth living then you wouldn't have been born in the first place
    "You don't know what I go through everyday at home you don't know what I'm facing right now!" 
    "I do" I said "I was at the exact place your standing one year ago with a choice. Jump? or turn around? So I turned around." He looked surprised for a minute then said.
    "Fine. Go away. I can decide myself." As I was leaving I turned around and said
    "Promise me one thing."
    "Don't Jump"
Wow I wonder who dragged and pulled her out of the water? 
                                    Great story so far! Keep writing! :D
well that's 2 seconds too long! haha x love your story, would you mind checking out mine then if you refuse to upload? ;( haha x i will love you forever if you do! XD x x x x
please update soon !!! ahhhh i love it soooo much! pwese hurry and write more! x x x x much love XD x
                                    Lol! It's ok. Take your time writing. I can wait. =))