My Water

My Water

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Jessica By JessicaL Updated Feb 12, 2011


~This is a poem I wrote  a couple years ago and I just wanted to 'put it out there; and see what people thought of it, please comment~







The water pours over the rocks,

a sound of trickling fills my ears,

so peaceful and calming, this is

something that I am able to enjoy every day.


Trickling hardens into a roar. Then,

back to the calming,I open my closed eyes.

Water,moving over the rocks smoothly,only

to hit the bottom of the pool of water.


It glides down a river A quiet one, a relaxing one.

From my pond comes the soft calming 

trickling of water over rocks,

A sigh escapes my lips as a breeze blows the cool water

over me. I close my eyes.

My ears open up to the world.

Birds tweeting in a near by tree,

bee's buzzing on the summer flowers,and my family off

playing somewhere in the woods.



I am trapped by the sounds of the world. I cannot

escape,but I do not want to. I love the sounds of the...

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