Living With The Spider ( Claude x Reader)

Living With The Spider ( Claude x Reader)

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(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Black butler kuroshitsuji charachters.)

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     You had been living in the Trancy estate mansion for a while now. You found it after running away from your home on a cold and rainy night. The Interesting Trancy butler Claude had always fascinated you, and Alois had been accustomed to having you there ( despite the complete brat that he could be). You were wondering around the castle when you accidently tripped and fell backwards. Before you fell to the ground you were caught by someone. You opened your eyes to see who had saved you, who was none other than Claude. You blushed softly.

" Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself now would we?" He said in a monotonous tone.

" Thank you Claude..." you replied.

  He put you back on your feet and walked away almost soundlessly. You stood there Confused at what had just happened. How did he catch you so quickly? he wasn't even in the hall at the ti...

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