Rides with Ace

Rides with Ace

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LIZ By Ignitess_ Updated Nov 27, 2014

❝Despite being a total Jerk, he made her laugh─laughter is music of the heart.❞ 

Mellow & Sweet, Flo was in love with her best friend, Kane Jacobs - heartthrob extraordinaire. Unfortunately, her feelings for him were unreciprocated, seeing that he chased every girl that wasn't Flo. 

Drowning in boredom, Flo just wanted to taste freedom or at least sip liquor. Luckily, her world spiraled downhill the moment a boy arrived at her door, wasted beyond infinity. 

The drunken dude was Ace Lockwood and he was a certified badass.

Apparently, he had "accidentally" crashed his motorcycle in her mailbox, pissed on her succulent, and puked on her porch.

But after a few weeks, Flo realized that she wasn't just infatuated with his motorcycle but also the boy riding it.

[Humor #10/ Teen Fiction #10]

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singJackandJack singJackandJack Jun 27, 2017
*Me while watching the trailer*
                              (sees the first guy) wtf I thought Francisco was the main guy. I don't want to red this anymore 
                              *Seconds later* 
                              (sees francisco is the main guy and I was just fooled) 
                              *SCREAMS* AHHHHH MY DADDDYYYYY
harrystiles- harrystiles- Jul 05, 2016
Flora 💖 Love that name thanks to Flora from Kissing Is The Easy Part
Millie1369 Millie1369 Sep 11, 2016
I'm just imagining her as barbara palvin and yes I know that she doesn't have brown eyes but I don't care😂
PotatosSaveLives PotatosSaveLives Jul 18, 2016
Everyone's being so rude to the people who don't know how old she is, but the thing is she may not be 16, but 17 18 or 19
sinastia sinastia Jun 16, 2016
I know a lot of authors make the character short so it's not the stereotypical  cliche tall supermodel but now every girl in the stories are short so now being short is cliche
ILoveMyOutcastBatman ILoveMyOutcastBatman Aug 01, 2016
I'm like wat (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
                              I'm just going to say he's 16 too
                              ヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ