Hired Boyfriend

Hired Boyfriend

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buicub {hiatus} By Eyesmiler Completed

Who would've thought the most popular girl in the campus... needed to hire someone to be her boyfriend.

“You're hired!"

“Great! When do I start?"

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yoonjm yoonjm Apr 05, 2017
That was confusing.. first all guys wanted to be with her then they were all scared.
                              First she was just going with it then she was agreeing that she is perfect. 
                              First she was nice honest and true then she hires a boyfriend who she calls stupid.... it's weird.
NochuMochiAlien NochuMochiAlien Jun 02, 2017
He's an alien. If you think he's weird can I have him coz I think he's like me
BaeChanTaeLuv BaeChanTaeLuv Oct 03, 2017
Confidence level: 902638826390263629428927539027363621063635
sarah0991 sarah0991 Jul 11, 2017
I like being called wierd..  
                              I like leaving a mark on ppl...  
                              First impressions are the best 😂😂😂note my sarcasm
Michelle_Ong_ Michelle_Ong_ Jul 22, 2017
Can't relate (except for the smart part. At least i can relate a little to that)
Sairacastro13 Sairacastro13 Mar 26, 2017
This is the totally opposite of me in real life but carry on I guess 😂