To Forget |Glitchtale; Greyster|

To Forget |Glitchtale; Greyster|

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"If I were you, I'd kiss me." Gaster whispered- making Jessica shiver.

"I-I will.. it's just-" Jessica said- trying to stop her stuttering, till' she was cut off- slammed on the wall behind her.

"Then stop taking so long." Gaster growled softly, soft enough to be blocked by the walls that kept stopping their voices to reach Papyrus- who was in the other room beside.

"I-It's just-" Jessica stuttered more- after lifting her head that leaned on the wall behind her.

"Just what?" he asked in a hurtful manner.

"It's just that I'm not building enough confidence! To- to ki-" she said- trying not to stutter on her words that defined how annoyed she was at this kind of situation

After being cut off by her words for the third time- the grip of  Gaster's hands tightened making Jessica groan.

"Just shut up and kiss me!"