The Girl Genius From America (Ryoma Echizen x Reader)

The Girl Genius From America (Ryoma Echizen x Reader)

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Jordane By Winter-Echizen Updated May 06, 2015

"Bold" = English

"Normal" = Japanese

'Italic' = thought  

 (f/n) = first name

(l/n) = last name

It was a warm summer's day in America and you were walking round national park with your tennis bag on your back when you saw a group of teenagers were picking on a little girl. They were carrying tennis bags as well. 'I guess I have no choice'. "Oh you leave that girl alone otherwise you have to deal with me" I said walking up to the teenagers. The leader of the group walked up to my face hitting his tennis racket on his shoulder "well, well what do we have here, a little girl telling us what to do! Are you trying to pick a fight with us?" he said as his groupies walked up to him. "No im not looking for a fight, how about a game of tennis instead? But be warned im pretty good, my best friend showed me how to play". "I'll be the judge of that little girl".

The game started  and you were the first to serve, you threw the tennis ball up in the air and hit it as hard as you could. The bal...

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tangerineprince tangerineprince May 06, 2014
Nice idea! You can cut it down to paragraphs, by the way. I think giving the girl a name will do it better, by the way! :)