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sophiaangel23 By sophiaangel23 Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Get the fuck over here this instant," Drake shouted! 

At that, I took off sprinting in the other direction as fast as I could. I knew my life would be over if he got his hands on me again. As I was running memories of when I first met Drake came rushing back. The nice, sweet and angelic-like guy I had a crush on the moment I laid my eyes on him. 

I was shocked when he asked me out on my 15th birthday. He was 17 turning 18 at that time and didn't care that I was 2 years younger. I was beyond happy to call him mine not knowing I would come to regret my foolishness. 

Drake Hoffman was now a name I dread hearing. I get goosebumps all over my body whenever I think about him.  Bile rises in my throat when I remember all the times we kissed and said I love you to one another.   
I cried as I ran further and further away from the monster after me, wishing the past 3 years of my life was all just a dream.

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