Oniisan... How are We in Attack On Titan? ((AOT/SNK FANFIC!!!)) [On hold]

Oniisan... How are We in Attack On Titan? ((AOT/SNK FANFIC!!!)) [On hold]

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I'm a piece of shit but I guess you can call me Rosie By Flaming_Rose24 Updated Nov 14, 2014

While this story starts towards the beginning of the series, there ARE references to chapters late in the series. So if you havent read to chapter 54, then YOU PROBABLY SHOULDNT READ THIS.


Taylor and Josh Goldling, heirs to the Goldling company and fortune. But neither of them really care for it, after all, their only happiness after a scarred past is escaping in an anime.

So when Josh finds "Attack on Titan", they are quick to become otakus, even to the point where they wish they were in the story.

So when their wish is granted, what will happen to them? Will they stay together, or will they be separated? Will their fate be sealed from the beginning?

Will they meet their end before their time?

**Hajime Isayama owns Attack on Titan, not me ^^**

**I would also like to point out that I changed the title (name). Hehehe.... I liked it better XDD**

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Dis means that I own my OCs and my storyline behind the original. It does NOT mean that I'm claiming to own Attack On Titan, okee? Just that I own MY ideas, and YOU dont. Okay? <3

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Tsubasa_Akashi Tsubasa_Akashi Apr 17, 2017
Hope is what kept us going. I'll keep believing and hoping for that day to come till my death.
Ryugan Ryugan Jul 06, 2015
Anything is possible through the power of Otakus loving anime.
Rainbow_sheep_ty Rainbow_sheep_ty Aug 30, 2014
Every otaku ever wants it to be possible, why is the world so cruel?
Hanjinaynay Hanjinaynay Aug 11, 2014
@immahappyunicorn  u can go to v2012.mangapark.com and search attack on titan
immahappyunicorn immahappyunicorn Jun 02, 2014
Where can I read the manga? I've only had a website where the first 4 chapters were posted or something like that. Help please?? ._.
Flaming_Rose24 Flaming_Rose24 Feb 17, 2014
@Sandstorm_Alchemist YOU LIKE ATTACK ON TITAN?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?