Taking What's His

Taking What's His

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Melissa By FeatherWhiteWolf Completed

When life keeps knocking you down, you have to keep getting back up, Right?

Not when you're nineteen year old Monica Everdeen. She lost her parents at a very young age and grew up in foster care. After being abused she ran away and became a stripper. The abuse never stopped, but the drugs took most of the pain away. After receiving the shock of her life, she tries stitching her broken life back together.

Maxwell Black has finally made it to the top of his game. He's sexy, possessive, arrogant, and the most dominant of all. He has it all, money, fame and power. One thing he needs is someone to share it with. One night he goes out with a few colleges to a local strip club only to stumble across the beautiful Monica. She was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He has to have her. 

But can Maxwell look past all of Monica's flaws and accept her for who she really is?

Can Monica finally let someone in and learn to trust, especially when she learns Maxwell's darkest secrets?

Can Maxwell trust her with his darkest secrets?

Or will they let their insecurities get the best of them?

Vampire #112 
Romance #732

I don't know why woman become strippers and prostitutes when they can get jobs like being cashiers and waitresses. Honestly its just sad.
ambitiousintestine ambitiousintestine Sep 13, 2016
omg again? and he is a vampire! omg I thought he was a werewolf coz of the tags under the summary but omgomgomg this just got more exciting :D
Juliustheboss Juliustheboss Nov 20, 2015
Why tf would you voluntarily do that knowing if you fail you die
YoursTrulyMarisela YoursTrulyMarisela Jul 15, 2015
That house would be THE place to play a game of hide and seek.
fifi_and_j fifi_and_j Jun 28, 2015
Three years! That means that she has been working for him since she was sixteen. That's definitely no legal.
Sapphire061699 Sapphire061699 Jun 24, 2015
Cocaine is disgusting. Why did it have to be cocaine? Such a shame because I actually liked Monica